Friday, November 19, 2010

Truth Be Told

Sometimes I just can't stand people. Period.

Today at the gas station an older grandpa type guy tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the no cell phone sign. Yes, I was on the phone, yes I really think that my cell phone causing an electromagnetic shock is 1 in four hundred trillion and I am willing to take that risk. Whatever, he just looks at me and says "gonna blow the whole place up". NO I AM NOT! LEAVE ME ALONE!

At the commissary the cashier acted as though I was the biggest pain in the ass that ever walked into the store. (No I wasn't on my phone at this point) I asked if I could exchange some quarters for ones and he gave me such a hard time. Dick Head. For crying out loud, we have to tip the baggers and you can't hand them a hand full of change.

At the BX I found a great deal on a pair of sneakers for C. The cashier checked them over when she rung me out. Unfortunately when C went to try them on tonight we found out one shoe is a size two and the other a three. Who would change them?

My parents are coming tomorrow. Mom must be a little nervous about the Holidays without grandpa. She's on high alert.

My husband if off to a basketball game with his friend J. I got them the tickets for S's birthday a few weeks back. At the same time I bought those I also bought two tickets for a game next week, thinking that either him and my dad could go or maybe I'd go with my dad. For some reason S seems a little annoyed about that. I think he wants the two of us to go instead. Problem is I asked my dad if he wanted to go before I bought the tickets and I really want him to get to go. Just a year ago he couldn't even fit in the seats and I am just so excited for him and proud of him. I think S misses that point. He isn't wrong to want to spend time with me. It just comes across as a little funny. Like, what I planned isn't good enough - or the way he wanted it.

My in-laws are pinging about Christmas. L called the other day under the pretext of her received school pictures, only two lay into me about how bad off gram is. Gram is 80 something and in a nursing home. She doesn't have much if any of her mind left. It is all very sad. But L's point was S shouldn't go visit her when we go home. S is a grown up. This is his grandmother, he'll go if he wants to, and that is just what I told her. She was okay with it, just a little flustered that I didn't agree. There is more there too -but in an effort to keep my promise to myself, I'll stop complaining.

Not to mention all week the only adult conversations I've had have been with the dog or my mother. Scott was in California - and sure, he calls, but it is quick, and if it isn't I am trying to get in all the details of the day and before I know it he's half asleep. I was suppose to meet up with my friend T today when I went into DC but she ended up doing some errands - bad timing.

I spent the majority of the week Christmas shopping. Toys R Us had a great internet sale, free shipping, half of leapster games, and a large stuffed animal for only 4.99. I designed a company logo for my dad and managed to order promotional business stuff for him; like business cards, signs, and stationary. I also set up an email account with his company name and a blog for him. I hope he likes it all. Vistaprint now loves me.

Tomorrow the invasion begins. Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Aunt B will be here through Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it. - I suppose that will curb the annoyance of only talking to one or two people all week.

You know what? I am just in a bad mood. Get over yourself Jamie.


I hope life can only get better said...

Sounds like you had a crappy day! Me too! We can be pissy together. Try and enjoy your Thanksgiving, and I want to let you know you were so right on the money with your last comment on my blog. When I stand on the outside I get a whole other perspective. I think the tide is turning, and better days are coming. :) Try to not let L get to you, we can keep eachother on the stright and narrow that way.. miss ya

Jamie said...

I hope you enjoy your visit and figured everything out with your Aunt!!! I can't stand bad customer service!!!

Kim said...

Oh I get annoyed too when someone has the balls to say something. I had that happen one time too where we got home and the shoes were two different sizes. How exciting you got some company for the Holidays, wished I was getting some.I know what you mean by having adult conversation, you just feel so lonely when you got no one to talk too. The kids and dogs dont help much either, you just need that adult conversation every once in awhile