Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Raining Men

I found $70.00. It is exactly raining Benjamen's but Abe's will do! The other day when I took C to the mall I pulled out his old wallet for him to use. I totally forgot that we bought his bike online. He gave me his birthday money to pay for it but I never took it out of the old wallet. So there it was. I was pretty excited about it.

In other $ news: Instead of taking C to Sears to get his pictures taken we set up a little studio here and took them. C and I had so much fun. He was pretending to be a model and was cracking me up. The pictures came out really good. I ordered a collage of them from Snapfish.com and plan on putting them in the family Christmas cards. In the end the pictures cost only 14.00 for 3 8x10, 50 4x6's, and 40 wallets. Because I'd never ordered anything from that company I had a "coupon" for 50 free prints and one 8x10. I love saving money.

Money that I've already spent - LOL. I made a trip to 5 Below and basically bought the store :D. Christmas shopping is almost done. Now, to find a big enough box to mail all the stuff out. Luckily some of it can come in the car with us at Christmas because we are headed to Massachusetts to celebrate with the family.

In Microsoft Kinect news: Yesterday I broke down and called the company. I had gotten a confirmation email after I ordered the darn thing saying that I would receive a tracking number via email on the 4th. Well, I still hadn't heard anything so I gave them a call. I was basically told that Microsoft canceled my order because of unknown reasons. I asked if it had anything to do with American Express holding up the sale and the guy said he couldn't tell for sure. Then he says "regrettably Microsoft had no idea this would be so popular and cannot fill anymore orders for the Kinect unless it is bundled with a new Xbox 360 system." Needless to say I was a little bummed out. After telling the guy that the excuse he gave was lame but I know it isn't his fault, I asked the guy for some help in locating one at a store but every place he gave me was out of them. The Microsoft guy was really nice and even he said at one point "Believe me, I know, I have been dealing with this for days, I keeping hoping the company finally lets us tell people we just screwed up." He further explained that Microsoft won't be selling anymore single units to stores either -only in bundles, so what is out there is there, there won't be anymore. In the end S and I were both a little miffed but in the end we figured it was for the best and since the company rep was nice and tried to be helpful we just let it go. Then to my surprise S called me last night from Denver and said "Hey I am in a Microsoft store and they have hundreds of these things, should I buy one?" Yeah, so he did.

So, Cooper has been bought for. I Heart Christmas.


Jamie said...

Wow, I love when it rains money!!! I could use some of those showers :) I love saving money and taking my own pics too. I need to take a new family one of us and keep putting it off...and way to go S for finding the gift to make C's Christmas complete :D

Kim said...

Wished it would rain some abes here, heck georges would be good too...lol O cool to hear he got that. I figured that was gonna be the big thing this Christmas. I was gonna say I saw online the preview of Black Friday ads,not everyones ads are out but AAFES is gonna have them for $149.99 I thought holy crap you can almost buy an xbox for that, I dont know is that a good price for them?