Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monsoon Season

Oh my what rain! Today is certainly soggy, but boy did I luck out.

A few days ago I got an email from Mix 107.3, my favorite radio station in DC, saying that I won tickets to a Horse Show this weekend, and if I'd like the tickets I need to pick them up in person. So, today I headed to NW DC and found the offices for the radio station. It was in an awesome area, so once I picked up the tickets I bought a Diet Coke and did a little window shopping. I felt so under dressed! LOL - the area was really ritzy and everyone seemed dressed to the nines. Anyway - all the while it was threatening to downpour. After walking a while up and down Wisconsin Ave I ran over to Bolling Air Force Base to their commissary. Boy has it been a long time.

DC traffic is crazy. It really does take an hour to go from NW to SW, and today was no different. But I expected it and just enjoyed the city views. The monuments looks so pretty this time of year, surrounded by the changing leaves. And eventually I arrived at the commissary. The rain seemed to be heading away from the area and I was pleased. I filled my cart with all the stuff that is way TOO expensive off base, like frozen pizza, canned goods, and produce. I had tons of coupons and in the end the bill went from 258 to 203 plus tax. Yup 55.00 in coupons. These were all the ones a friend of S's had sent me in the mail awhile back. I couldn't believe how good they were. Such a blessing.

As the cashier was tallying all those coupons we heard a loud bang, and all of the sudden boy did it start to rain ... HARD, so much so that I had to tip the bag guy $5.00. I even pulled up, but it didn't help - we were both completely drenched. Once we had everything loaded I jump in the front seat and just started laughing and thinking "Thank goodness this didn't hit while I was wondering the city!".

So, I am still a little wet around the gills, but no worse for the wear.

One random thought: C brought home Chocolate Chip Mint gum. Yup, sounds nasty - but I actually like it, and I rarely like gum. Not that I can chew it long - bad jaw - but still it is good.

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Jamie said...

I meant to call you all week but time just escaped me! Plus I knew S was home! Is he gone next week? One of these days we will catch up via nice long phone chat!!! I MISS YOU!