Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open Mouth Insert Foot

I was duped at the bus stop this morning and .... get this, it is my own fault. Another mother was telling me that she had tickets to Disney on ice for her and her family. I said that C would love that. Then she told me that one of her family members can't go so she has one ticket available. She mentioned that she asked one of her friends if their kid can go but the father is really hesitate because he is over protective. Here's where my foot reaches up to my pearly whites; "Gee that is too bad, but maybe C can be your back up, he'd love to go if you don't mind babysitting." Then the mom says well, I'll be home at six and that is when we are leaving and when I'll know - so it would be last minute. Then I say "oh that's fine, how much does it cost?" and she says "sixty bucks."

Oh crap! I don't have sixty bucks for that. If we are going to spend our money on that I want to see the enjoyment on C's face. Now - the mom is at work - I don't have her phone number and she might just show up here??? I am thinking of going to leave a note on her door - and then maybe just not be here? - I am such a chicken!

Now what if that other kid was invited for free - now it sounds like I would pay for the ticket, and she might pick C to go anyway. That's it, I am going to go leave a note. Maybe her aunt (who she lives with) will get it early enough and call her at work.

I am such a pain in my own ass.

17 minutes later:

I wrote a note to the other mother and walked over to her house. All the cars were there and I was tempted to just leave but I just sucked it up. I reminded myself to keep my big girl panties on and just go knock on the door. L (the mom) was still home, I thought she had to work, and she was so gracious. I just told her that I felt bad but that he cannot go because we cannot afford it. I apologized and she was so kind about it and thanked me for letting her know early in the day. I still feel slightly bad but I am also pretty proud of myself for not acting out of guilt. And I didn't even need the note.

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Kim said...

Wow good for you for getting the guts up to go and knock. IM like that too, I just hate telling people no, changing plans, especially if its expensive. I dont want them to think I some cheapo. I try to avoid people when I have to tell them no just so I dont have to let them down or whatever. Sounds like I need some big girl panties