Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Repressed to the Closet

I am loving this great mood I've been in lately. Funny, but I've slept like crap-O-la the last two nights. In fact, last night I ended up on the couch with a sore throat and Maggie at my feet. Still, I am feeling pretty cheery.

Maybe that is because I moved my scale to the closet last week after cleaning the bathroom. No disappointments, no "days off" for good behavior. I promised myself to be healthier for the family pictures this Christmas and that is enough. I don't care how much I weigh or don't weigh. Well, seriously - I so do, at times I am obsessed with it. That stupid number makes me have a good day or kills a day before it starts. I don't want to start my morning off that way. I just want to keep my promise to myself and have a better chance of enjoying my days.

Or maybe all the cheer and good mood is because S is home all week, C is doing great in school, I have been able to keep track of our money since payday and haven't made one mistake, or because I have gotten a lot of extra exercise in the last few weeks, or that the weather has been so nice and the leaves are turning (I love the colors of Fall), or maybe that we've been blessed to have an amazing priest at church lately, or maybe that Maggie is finally being a good dog most of the time, or maybe simply, life is good.

This morning after I walked Maggie I headed over to the Goodwill to donate an old chair. (So glad to get that out of the house!) After that I ran over to the Ashburn Library to return all the goodies we borrowed. I told myself four of five times this morning that I wasn't going to check anything else out from this library, it is a little bit of a ride and I never seem to want to go back to return things. All my pep talking didn't help. I was sucked in. I got yet another book, a few movies, and a couple of CD's. I've never been to a library that had so much new stuff, I just can't resist. I listened to one of the CD's on the way home and was so excited to have it. Enjoying the small stuff is fun again.

All the crappy stuff can just be shoved in the hall closet behind the suitcases. The suitcases that are there because my hunny is home all week!


Kim said...

O that scale has became my morning routine for years. Yes it can make you have a good day or wish you didnt eat that junk last night and make you conscious about what you eat all day. OH I HATE THAT SCALE. Jess always tells me dont weigh yourself everyday, but I just cant get away from it. I need to know if I can have that piece of chocolate for the day or if my mouth has to water over it all day...lol

I hope life can only get better said...

I so love to see you in such a happy place!! And also glad you have your hunny home all week, sometimes the little things make all the differance. I loved this post. Wish you slept better though :)

Jamie said...

Wow, I never weigh myself! Crazy that both you and Kim do! I know I'm depressed enough about my weight these days...I don't need the scale as a horrible reminder ;) Glad S is home for the week :) That's awesome!