Monday, October 4, 2010

Up Hill Both Ways in the Snow

My to do list expounds each time my husband attempts to organize or clean. This weekend he cleaned out his side of the closet. (Surprisingly hell has not froze over and I still do not see flying pigs outside my windows) He also organized a bunch of his sports stuff and assorted crap. I laughed right out loud when he and C came out of our room wearing our old track uniforms from high school. We all snickered each time he came out asking what some piece of plastic was or where it came from, but in the end ... So not funny. Now there are piles upon piles of clothes and junk for me to sort and find a place for. No longer are they stored in his precious bins and paper boxes, now there are piles for me to sell, piles for me to donate, and piles for me to figure out where to put them. LOL - I love my hubby.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Isnt that lovely when they start cleaning out stuff and just kinda leave it for you to finish.