Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sitting Duck

Yesterday I babysat our neighbors 8 year old. He is C's friend so I suppose it isn't really babysitting... most of the time. But yesterday the boy's older sister had an after school activity A, the boy hates to be alone in his house. So they asked me in the morning if A could come over after school. I said yes but as soon as the bus pulled away I remembered that C had gymnastics. Needless to say I just had an extra kid in tow for the afternoon. No big deal. A is so eager to talk to adults, or so it seems. It was amazing the things he told me in a mere 45 minutes while C was in his class.

  • Miss Jamie do you text? Me: Not really A: My mom does so much that she doesn't even notice if I stay up late at night.
  • Miss Jamie do you know that ducks can poop on you while they fly overhead. One pooped on my sandwich once? Me: That is gross A: Oh not really it was only on part of the bread so I just ripped it off
  • Miss Jamie does C get grounded a lot? Me: No, only a few times ever A: Oh because we get grounded a lot. Once I got grounded from my DSlite and my mom hid it so good she lost it!
  • Miss Jamie why do you stay home during the day? Me: That is my job, to take care of my family. A: My mom says it is because you probably have a lot of credit cards.
  • Miss Jamie do you know that I am a fast runner. Me: Oh yes, I have seen you run. A: Yeah but I am not all that fast because I have a stomach bug. It lives in my stomach and eats all my food.
  • Miss Jamie where do you put your stuff when I come over? Me: Umm, well, most of it is already put away where it belongs. A: Oh because I hide stuff under my bed or under the couch.
  • Miss Jamie do you think that Zues controls all the lightning? Me: Nope, he is a mythical creature, he isn't real. A: No really he does, my friend who is my brother at my dad's house has met him and they made all of California be under lightning and it was really bad because they live where it is already 3000 degrees. Me: Uhhh-huh
Too funny. He went on and on, I wish I could remember more. Sometimes he was so sweet and other times he was just lying his little round head off. At one point he was talking about little boys peeing when they get their diaper changed so I told him about my trip to Target the other day.

I was in the parking lot and a mommy was having her toddler pee in a potty chair in the back of their van. My car was right next to hers so I was headed right to them. When I got closer I saw the mom empty the ducky potty chair right under her van. But it was a lot of pee and it made a rolling puddle that I actaully had to step over to get to my car. So nasty, but boy did that story have A laughing.

So in the end we left the gym came home and the boys played video games until six-ish when A's sister came over for him. Fast forward to this morning and A asks at the bus stop "Miss Jamie can I come over and play again today?" I said sure but then he added "good because I don't want to be home alone and my sister is going to be at Girls on the Run (an after school track program) three days a week!" Me: "Well, if you need to come over all those days your mom needs to call me, but you can come over to play for a little while today."



Kim said...

O my that kid had some funny things to say. Sometimes kids can be so honest,like when his mom said you probably have alot of credit cards, she probably did say that and he wasnt suppose to say it though. I was thinking too Geesh isnt that a little young for him to be home by himself too.

Jamie said...

Oh wow!!! Yeah, my mouth dropped open at the credit card thing. Poor kid sounds like he just wants an adult to pay attention to him- he obviously doesn't get it at home.