Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Walmart

Dear Walmart,

I quit. You are no longer a thorn in my side, a necessary evil, a go to money saving salvation. You are nothing to me. You are no longer part of anything I will admit to other than distaste. I will not be returning.

My contempt should really be no surprise to your establishment as I have complained in depth. Just to highlight a few key points:

  • Your website said our store had seven bikes in stock, but none were on the sales floor. When we asked an employee for help we were told "there is nothing available." So we ordered the item online.
  • It took over two weeks for a bike to travel from Crawford, VA to Sterling, VA. We could have walked faster!
  • When we went to pick up the bike the 'site to store' employee wouldn't help me put the box in a cart. When I asked for help he ignored me and went to take care of his other duties (printing pictures). Also he sort of smelled - just saying.
  • After we loaded a huge box onto a cart we went to browse around the store ... only to find the bike - ASSEMBLED and on the sales floor.
  • Once we were ready to check out we stood behind the worst customers on the planet! A mother and her two wild children. The kids were opening lip gloss containers, throwing candy on the floor, blocking the aisle, and of course yelling and screaming.
  • Eventually it is our turn to check out. The cashier did not say one word to us. I said "Hi, how are you?" She stared at me. After I paid I said "Thanks, have a nice day." She stared at me.
  • Upon leaving the store the door clerk was the only saving grace. At least someone had a smile!
Your place just put us in the worst mood. How is that possible when we were picking up my sons first new bike? A bike he paid for with his birthday money - that you took three weeks to make available?!?!?!? When we were leaving the parking lot my 7 year old son said "Mommy, next time can we just go to Toys R Us?" I certainly said "YES!".

Disgruntled Customer

P.S. Also if you could please keep the big padded bras off the end caps; I am sure most mother's would appreciate it. If anything the trip did make us laugh when a little one said to their mother. "Mommy, do you wear that on your butt?" and the mother replied "No." and the kid said "But that is where you have those big camel humps." To which my son quipped "Dumb baby, doesn't she know that is a bra for boobs? Wait, mom, Do they make butt bras?"

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Kim said...

Uggh I just hate when you get service like that at any store. Some people are just grumpy and shouldnt be working in places like that.How frustrating to see the same bike already assembled. I would of asked to switch it out to save the aggrivation. O my that is too funny about the bra