Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life is Good

I just read the most touching things on a friends blog and now am inspired to study Psalms once again.

In other news, I received great news about C today. His teacher from last year emailed me and said she was just checking up on him today to see how he was doing and got a chance to watch him for a few minutes in his new class. She said that he was working so diligently and that when she approached him she was so surprised at the quality of his work. She raved about his manners, his focus, and his hard work. I read the note to C and he was just beaming. His work really has been great. He's actually writing on lines, making letters the correct way, making them all the same size, and counting in the correct order again (this is HUGE). I am just so excited for him.


Kim said...

That is Awesome! So glad he is doing great in school

I hope life can only get better said...

So happy for C!! I had a feeling this year would turn around. Keep on them though and high five for C!Some time they just need that extra maturity! :)

Jamie said...

Yeah for C!!!! That is so awesome! I haven't been by for awhile. It's hard work for me to blog everyday and then I forget to check everyone elses!