Thursday, June 30, 2011

In Which I Steal, I Chart My Cycle, & I Save $$

Well, D, my nurse at Walter Reed called today to schedule our FET.  I didn't exactly get the dates I'd hoped for, but what can one do when their cycle is in a completely different time zone then the rest of their body.... Anyway - I start injections of Lupron in mid July followed by lots and lots of estrogen and progesterone with a  tentative transfer August 9th ish. Actually the dates work out well for S so at least that is a plus. Day 6 Blast here we go. 

In other news: I canceled C's summer camp for next week due to the funeral arrangements. The community center was so nice about us canceling. They told me that if we ever need to cancel anything for any reason we have up until four days before the activity to get a 100% credit to our account but then the girl I spoke to added that if there is something like a family emergency it is case by case, so I would have been covered even if skate camp started today.  She really didn't have to add that and I just thought that was so nice. So now the three of us will be going to NJ and C can enroll in a different class or camp to use the credit. (Surprisingly S was able to take the day off on Wednesday and can no travel to NJ with us)

Next order of business: I went to Walmart today. I know, I hate it there, they did after all try to kill me. But I digress. I was on a mission to find blow dry lotion that didn't cost 15 to 20 bucks a bottle. And I was not disappointed, Dove brand 4.88 - JACKPOT! Well, almost more of a jackpot. The following story either makes me sound like the worlds largest idiot or a saint...

I bought a whole bunch of random things, blow dry lotion, a t-shirt, grape soda (C's request), tape, milk, shrimp, anyway you get the idea. So I check out (In front of the worlds slowest customer that had three separate transactions that included a credit card rejection on the third one) and during checkout I read almost an entire issue of COSMO. I was mortified at an article that told me my husbands anus should be treated like my G-Spot; of which I am sure no one has ever found mine! But back to my cart; I pay, I load the bags into the cart and head to the car. I unload the cart and notice the blow dry lotion in out of a bag and then realize that I never paid for it! Oh great, just add theft to my list of crap to talk to the therapist about. Anyway, I take the hair product and go back to the store. I explain to the clerk that I didn't pay for this and I am really sorry. She was super nice and said a bunch of nice things about me and my honesty but really I just wanted to pay and go, secretly wishing they had self check out. 

More random news I cannot stand to keep inside: We are headed to SC for VK in just a few weeks. I cannot wait. But, there was a small problem. We had planned on driving my station wagon down there but after some recent car trouble we were rethinking that. Personally I keep flip flopping on weather to just go out and buy a new car - but S is pretty against it because he doesn't know where we will be in 12 months. (he is right) So anyway, my car, the mechanic recommended an entire slew of repairs including new axles, new timing belt, breaks, seat belts, lock system over hall, and more. But here again, we don't want to sink a bunch of money into it if we are just going to sell it before we move. So we opted to rent a van for our VK (We need extra seats because we are VKing with friends) and use S's frequent traveler points to pay for it. But even with discounts and free days it still ends up being just way too expensive. But I solved the problem. 

I took my car apart. I took the jump seat out of my Volvo and put it in the back of the Hyundai. There are locking hooks in the back to secure the seat and it was really easy to get it secure. The seat has a spot for a seat belt to go through it, so I just ordered a seat belt extender off Ebay so that the belt would reach around the seat. Now when we go to the beach I will just sit in the back and go with out a seat belt and C can use mine in the new 'way back'. Our friends and their sweet little one will all fit with the right seat belts. 

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