Monday, July 4, 2011

2 Sides to Every Pancake

Friday I had the most awesome mommy moment. I was dropping C off at nature camp and as we pulled into the park he said "Oh no, I forgot to tell you I needed a bathing suit today." I told him that I would talk to the counselors and see if he can just wear the shorts he was wearing. So we walked up and asked and were told it was okay. But at the same time all the other kids were pulling out their swim shorts and showing them off. I looked over and C looked so bummed so I told him I'd run home and grab his suit. He gave me a pretty big smile and a thumbs up. After that I headed back to the car but before I was there I heard the tell tale signs of elephants behind me, which always means C is running. When I turned around to look I was slammed into with the biggest hug in history. I just said "you are very welcome buddy." Without a word he just turned and ran back to his group. It was the sweetest thing he has done in quite awhile.

We've had a nice family weekend. Tons of family time and then again lots of time to just chill out and not be busy. Last night we went to a minor league ball game and today we went to church and out to eat.     We also managed to give C and the dog haircuts, watch movies, play games, ride bikes, and play in the kiddie pool. I love my family; we have a good life, and that is why sometimes I feel so guilty for thinking it is all bittersweet.

And now for the downer: I have seen so many pregnant women this weekend. At the game this week there must have been a dozen women waddling around with perfect basket ball shaped bellies. At church this morning another three plus a brand new baby. The newest addition to the congregation was in her mother's arms and the mom was so thrilled, bathing the little one in kisses as they made their way to and from the alter. Obviously I ate my weight in chocolate peanut butter ice cream this evening.

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Jamie said...

Awww, sweet on C! Don't ya just love those moments! Sounds like you guys are having a fabulous weekend. Wish I were up to doing more w/my kiddos to celebrate.

I totally remember those days about every woman around you being pregnant, everywhere you go. That sucks so bad. Like a punch to the stomach sometimes. While you're so thrilled for them you just want that for yourself as well. It stinks to want that so bad and not have the results you want :( Praying for you all the time! I really am praying this next time is IT. Love you!