Friday, July 8, 2011

Lupron - Oh CRAP

Yeah - so my notes say 6th Lupron / 13th stop BC. I remembered the 13th... didn't start the Lupron on the 6th though. In fact, I never picked up my scripts. Errr.

What an interesting day. First, I forgot our dog outside and went to the store and out to eat with C. It is 97 degrees out - poor baby. She was fine, I just felt bad. Then I saw my FET notes and realized I am two days off with Lupron. So I called my nurse and asked if she could call the scripts into the shipping pharmacy instead of Walter Reed. All of this was no problem until the pharmacy reported that they do not have Lupron and cannot get it for 72 hours. In 72 hours I will be in SC and it will then be 5 days post start. Crap. Then a silver lining. I tore apart my drug closet, yea I have one of those, filled with thousands of dollars fertility drugs, and found Lupron, just enough to get me by. It looks like being two days late on it isn't that big of a deal because the nurses had me starting it early as a precaution. I am a mess people, a hot mess.

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