Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Beachy

Vacation is in the air. We leave tomorrow for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I cannot wait, although you'd think I would have been packing all week with how excited I am ... oh yeah, there was a funeral.... Well at least I have an excuse. Anyway, I have one bag packed with six towels. That is it, six beach towels. I assume our friends won't be able to back a bunch of extras because they are flying, so I added a few for them. Also as I sit here wasting time I did take a moment to actually read the condo rental agreement. Get this: They only give us a starter pack for the place which includes two roles of toilet paper and a small bar of soap. Ummmm they obviously forgot that the I will be bringing my husband and for the matter J, of J & K and baby A. Guess I better pack extra toilet paper too. Well and clothes for that matter. 

Hot mess. 

FET Update: A new pharmacy is making the Lupron and is suppose to ship it to the rental unit at the beach. Hopefully they send needles too, only God knows how I ran out of the small ones, I've got probably 400-500  fatter gaged ones. Figures. I think tomorrow I am just going to ask the nurses at work if they have any extra needles and quite possibly Lupron.

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