Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Highlights

Vacation was so nice. J,K & baby A were a blast to hang out with and I think we all generally had a great time playing at the beach and seeing the sights. Baby A (who is almost a tot!) called me May-ME all week. While bidding adieu to our friends at the airport J said "bye May-me", Crap... that is going to stick. :) Truly an awesome vacation, and here as promised are the highlights.
  • Lots of fun on the beach 
  • The water was above 80 degrees, for my New England couterparts this is not really comprehendable, but I swear to you my friends you do not have to spend 40 minutes 'getting used to' the water one toe at a time, you can just walk right in
  • The pools at the condo were great and for the most part not that crowded, my personal favorite being the hot tub and then the lazy river
  • Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach have tons of tourists traps, we tried out as many as we could :)
  • Ripiley's believe it or not museums, Ferris wheel ride, banana boating (just S and C and J went on that one), A Midevil Times type show called Pirates Voyage (super cheesy w/ a slice of Dolly Parton - it was great!) and an even an alligator farm.
  • Tons to eat. Way too much. Including a trip one night to Mr. G's ice cream where I saw a sign for T-shirts 12.99 and Banana Pajamas I forget their price. But as we were standing in line K points out a picture of the Banana Pajama, a huge banana split sundae ... I seriously was thinking it was pajama bottoms. We had a pretty good laugh at me over that one. PS - I was the only one out of five who liked the ice cream. Not a place we'd recommend. Even Cooper complained, what 7 year old doesn't like any type of ice cream? It must have been gross. But who cares - we were at the beach!
  • On the way home we didn't want VK to end so we went back to Myrytle Beach for a little while and then once we were on the road we stopped at South of the Boarder. What a hoot. If you know my husband you have to check out his pic on facebook near Pedro, the mascot form there. It is a riot!
Truly a great VK!

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