Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I think I am done with Facebook and certain aspects of blogging. There isn't really a big juicy story or anything other than being busy with vacations and parenting over the summer and then the meat off the bone ... I have a few snoopers. 

I am not exactly what one would call a 'private' person. I over share and have story for everything. I am quite open to the fact that we want more children after adopting our first and have been struggling with infertility since the get go. I complain, I rant and rave, I tell a good fart story once in a while; case in point; today at the movies an old lady kept dropping bombs and eventually I just had to change seats! It really was that bad. But I digress, as I was saying ... pretty darn open. I like when people read my blog.

There is no reason to hide the fact that you read it. Totally willing to share. Please don't say you don't know I have a blog or facebook page when you've visited it multiple times in the last week. I can see that you know. It is under stats :) 

If anyone needs a soap box, mine is now available. 

Also, I say I am done, but FET is coming up, so you know I'll be over sharing about the big probing magic wand at Walter Reed! Good Times. See you after a while.


Jamie said...

Yes, you can't leave! Don't you just 'love' stalkers though!?!? UGH! Come clean peeps!!!

Becca B said...

I second that! Jamie and I would be lost wihtout you. I don't think people realize that you can track where everything comes from.