Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Day in the Life

If all our bills come out of our bank account today, we will have negative fourteen dollars. Hmm, good thing I transferred $$ from savings. We paid our deposit on the beach house/ condo this week. (fun, but such a big OUCH in the account) Anyway the transfer won't go through until tomorrow.

In the good news department: I bullied my way out of the second half of the dental bill. I just kept calling and complaining to the office and the insurance company; anyone who would listen. I even wrote a letter requesting that the dentist stop accepting United Concordia because his office cannot provide the services covered. I CC'd the insurance company too. Eventually the dentist's office got tired of hearing my voice and seeing my faxes and they said "alright, we'll send your check back to you and close the account." Victory is mine. Obviously what the doctor actaully meant when telling me they'd close the account is something along the lines of "you crazy Bitch, stop calling, stop writing, stop faxing, and suck it." I did promise Never To Return, obviously for their benefit.

The in-laws left today. The visit was pleasant enough. I was mentally checked out for most of it, as discussed previously I kept thinking about swimming pools, so things stayed pretty peachy. They're in-laws in some respect they will always be ... you can fill in the blank. Of course my husbands in-laws are magnificent. I say this with a complete straight face.
I am feeling better with the OHSS. I am surprised at how long recovery is actually taking. Last night we all went out to dinner and I was so darn thirsty. I drank five huge glasses of water and then realized that I was feeling other OHSS symptoms again. When we got home I hit the Gatorade pretty hard and took a few Tylenol. This seemed to do the trick but today I was pretty tired and achy, luckily our company left early and I had a few hours to veg out before I needed to be somewhere.

Around 11:00 T came over and returned my car. It felt strange to actaully drive it again. I took her over to Regan airport to help her get her rental car. Her family moves to Germany on Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Gosh that sounds so soon. Well, I suppose that because it is. I miss her already and she isn't even gone. This dear diary would be the very bummer side of the Air Force. People move. This time we happen to be the last ones to move, normally we are the first. Strange feeling. 

And that is the update. Life is getting back to the mundane. Well as much as it can be anyway.

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