Monday, June 6, 2011

Life is Good

Best Quotes of the past week

  1. C: "Mom did you see me catching today? My glove was like a magnet, man I'm a good catcher."
  2. C: "I'll be riding my bike and then I'll come in for a beer!" Yup, he's seven. I yelled back "A ROOT BEER!"
  3. C: "Those fireworks were awesome and loud sort of like thunder or a fart only louder"
  4. Random Golfer "Is my ball in your yard? Nah never mind I suck" 
  5. Grocery Store Clerk to me, Jamie: "Jenna, how are you - haven't seen you since Friday, how is Maddy?" It was Sunday ... Do I have a doppelganger out there somewhere?

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