Monday, June 13, 2011

Back to Life

So the trip to Williamsburg was awesome! The weather was HOT HOT HOT, and it made for a great day at Busch Gardens. We rode every ride we wanted to multiple times, it was so hot that the tourists stayed away. There was us and a few schools and that was it! The park was empty and there were no lines and no waiting all day. Mid afternoon it rained a little and that made the schools leave early. It was awesome. On some rides we just stayed on at the end for a second round. C as usual is a great vacationer, quite comparable to the energizer bunny, he just keeps on going, and he stays in a good mood. It was fun, lots of fun. As usual none of us wanted to leave. We had gotten to the park right when it opened at 10:00am and before we knew it it was already 1:00. The next time we checked the time it was 4:00 and we were headed to the car for a change of clothes and a snack. By 6:30 we had ridden every ride and were thinking we'd start to head home (3 hour drive and I had to work at 6:00am on Saturday) but before we left we wanted to just ride the sky ride across the park. It was so nice! On the farthest side of the park we started our trek towards the exit. But we couldn't resist all the rides a second and third time! The next time we looked at the clock it was a few minutes before 10:00pm and the park was closing! What a complete joy to spend that time having fun with no worries or cares!

So we headed home late and I got up early for work. I certainly was dragging a little but it was so worth it. I just kept on smiling and trying not to show how tired I really was. After work we all went to C's last baseball game of the year. His team as a whole has improved so much since the spring. All the boys and girls were hitting the ball well and fielding well too. But it is still a sweet reminder,even though all the kids have grown like weeds over the past few months, that they are still just little kids when you see them all racing towards a bug found on second base during the game. 

Saturday night we went to a surprise party for a friend and again had a great time. The party was outside and they even had a dunk tank! All the kids had a fantastic time with that. S and I met another couple that was really nice. As it turns out they go to our church. It was cool to talk with them through most of the party. 

Sunday I also worked and was still tired, but we got out of the hospital early and it was a relatively painless endeavor. After work I met S and C in Arlington for S's championship wiffleball league games. C and I played a lot of catch and watch some of the first game. It was pretty fun but it was just about a hundred degrees and there was absolutely no shade. C and I opted to leave a little early and headed home for some air conditioning and moving watching. In the end I am glad we did, S's team kept winning and actaully played 3 full games with breaks in between and came home pretty sun burned. The raccoon eyes from his sun glasses were awesome. And his bright white feet were hysterical next to his dark brown/ red legs. But really, laughing now - melanoma later. Yikes!

So that brings us to Monday. We all got up extra early to take S to the airport. (L.A. this week) C has school and this afternoon my sister, M will be here! I'd say everything is back to life as usual. We are busy again and not just whining about IVF this and IVF that. (Although we will be soon as we talk about a possible ROUND 4! - Crazy!)

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