Monday, June 20, 2011

P.O.ed & Then Again Not

Cryptic notes at best:

1st: Things did not goes as I thought they would go regarding swaps. I am not sure if I am a sucker or just miss understanding the whole ordeal. To top it off I am too chicken to ask. There is an entire therapy session nested in between those lines. 

2nd: I am not the one to call for gossip masked as "trying to help". Leave me alone!

3rd: Buffalo, Colorado Springs, and now some random place in New Mexico?!?!? 

4th: I've only lost 5 of the 20 pounds I gained during the whole IVF / OHSS ordeal.

5th: We were cleared to start another round of IVF and were encouraged by the doctor to do so but there is no way we can afford it. We are going with the FET even though the chances are bad because we only have one. FET is still $2250.00. 

6th: I am pretty sure my extended family is on the cusp of falling off the ridges of reality. 

7th: I supposed being sort of ticked off isn't the worst thing in the world, but I tell you there are a few things that are really stuck in my craw. And some of them are really bad thoughts about really sad situations. 

8th: Thank GOD vacation is only is around the corner. I cannot wait to go to the beach and see our friends.

9th: Just one more thought: Dearest Bullshitter (Surprisingly the word Bullshitter is a real word - who knew?) If you don't mean it just don't say it. You have no idea how phony you come off. Don't call me, I'll call you...

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Becca B said...

Oh Boy!!!!! Fustrated is not a strong enough word. My foundest and happiest thoughts to you. I just hope I am not one of those on the crusp of reality. And on the swap thing..... from what I know, I think you understood right and someone got in trouble with their husband and is trying to save thelselfs. (WOW, if other readers do not know what we are talking baout some other people might fall off the crusp!!!!!!) Luv and peace!