Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jamie: The Sitcom

Proof that I should be the star of my own sitcom: 
  • Good Lord I am a hot mess. 
  • I have great one liners
  • I associate with those who are also hot messes and have quick quips 
  • I also associate with those who are sweet and kind and everyone on earth likes them
  • I'm Sassy & quite frankly a little crass
  • Yup, not afraid of the fart joke
  • I've have been and plan on being in many more situations that can be classified as comical misadventures (yesterday and today are so proof that)
  • My family; especially the in-laws
  • I am not afraid of the catch-phrase and plan on developing many such as Hot Damn and Dy-NO-Mite

1 comment:

Becca B said...

All I can say is LOL!!!!!! This is so you!