Thursday, June 9, 2011


I woke up in the worst mood. Completely rotten. I went to bed that way too. S joked that I stayed up to late, that sure 'got my goat'! I did not! I am just tired of trying to make life decisions during the commercials on TV! Also if you are going to watch TV with me, can you please engage in it and get off the darn computer!???!!!

I need a long walk with the pup and Diet Coke. Men.

Two Hours Later:

I feel better. I am not sure what my deal is by man is my husband bugging me. Regardless, I'd better get over it quick because we are headed to Williamsburg tonight. Tomorrow we will be going to Busch Gardens, which I am pretty excited about. Last year we didn't have time to go down and this year might be our last year here.

I suppose the deal is stress. Yesterday he called me to ask me if I'd mind moving to Buffalo! Then over dinner he wants to discuss IVF and how that impacts him going on a remote! He's talking Korea or Turkey people! And apparently Vegas is off the table. They loved him, they want him, they are 150% overmanned; that is how Buffalo came to be, apparently Vegas recommended them to a counterpart there. Please oh please just come home one day with orders and stop throwing around a zillion what if's.

Many More Hours Later:

All my errands are ran, Maggie is at the kennel, the library books are returned, the items made at Clay Cafe have been picked up, New underwear bought at K-mart (funny note there), We're all packed up and the house is picked up. I'm ready to go on our trip. Scott is stuck at work in Maryland, off site, and says he's "trying to get out of there". At least he could call and let me know, right? He thought for sure he'd be home already but he is at least two hours away. The Highway Awaits!

**Funny Note**

I do 85% of the laundry. S does a few loads here and there, but mostly its me. Anyway as I do the laundry I pitch underwear and socks that have holes or ... stains. Anyway I noticed that S was doing a little more laundry than normal, but only his own clothes, and when I'd go to put them in the dryer I'd notice only socks and underwear. Weird, they don't take up a whole load, I thought. As it turns out he only had a handful of each left! I'd thrown out almost all of the man's underwear! LOL. The funniest part, he didn't really notice he just thought I was behind on laundry so he opted to do a few loads of the necessities. Cracks me up.

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Kim said...

Yikes hope you get orders, but hope for your sake he doesnt go to Korea or anywhere else like that. How about I would love to see you again though. That is so funny about the underwear....poor guy!