Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dizzy is as Dizzy Does

I am certain my funk has lifted. Recently being medically cleared to resume life as usual certainly has helped. The symptoms of OHSS have subsided completely and I am so excited to bike, run, walk, and be silly again. This my friends is good thing considering all the possibles we have pending. 

First order of Business

Dear United States Air Force,

Why on God's green earth did you put an air base in middle of the desert? Holloman AFB is quite ironic to the statement of God's Green Earth. But I digress, if you insist on sending us there please make it possible for a clean house and a good school. Currently my online searches have left me wishing for other possibilities. 

Furthermore if the orders to "Buffalo" pan out; You will NEED to inform the entire USAF that Buffalo is not ROME! Oh yeah that is right; those who forwarded S's resume to "Buffalo" really thought that was near ROME where the job actually is located. Oh Good lord my life will go full circle won't it?  My being there as a tot just wasn't enough for you? We always suspected you had tracking devises in our teeth. I just wasn't aware they'd been there since age 2.

Just to recap: New Mexico, Make the best if it and Rome does not equal Buffalo. 



Dearest Neighbor,

My bad. I didn't mean for my dog to slam into the side door of your car this morning. You see C and I were just trying to teach her how to run next to our bikes on a leash. It was going great until she saw you in the car and wanted to go for a ride. Again, my bad. 

But man wasn't she cute?! We had a blast going up and down  the street as fast as her four huge legs could pull us. I know as usual we were quite the sight to see. We wear it like a badge of honor. 

As you can see we were just having a good time. Thanks for having such a good sense of humor. 

Jamie & C

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Becca B said...

As usual LOL!!! So is it Rome or Bufflo? I am confused.