Wednesday, October 19, 2011


My family is doing another round of Game On. We did this a few years ago and had a lot of fun competing and having an excuse to talk to each other every day. Dieting group style. Here we go!

Just to recap for my geriatric future self: Game On is a fun diet. The idea isn't really loosing a ton of weight but to build new good habits and get healthier. Everyday you score your eating, sleeping, living, and water consumption up to a certain amount of points for four weeks. Once the weeks are through you total the team points and see who wins. We are all betting $40.00 to see who will take home the prize and bragging rights. I plan on winning, obviously. [ I got my $40.00 from selling stuff on Ebay and Craigslist last week - I am not taking it away from the budget - go me!] 

My team consists of two of my aunts out in OR. One I talk to pretty regularly but the other I just see on Facebook once in awhile, so it will be nice to talk to her more. Plus they can remind me to stay away from my bad habit - which would take away 50 points from my score every time! My bad habit: spending money outside of the budget. I am keeping my oath of working down that debt. No shopping for clothes, gifts, or kitchen gadgets (I've got an illness there). In fact, I am going to replace my bad habit with a good one (well that is just part of the game) A new good habit: I shall not complain about the mother-in-law. I know, I know, I have professed this one before, but this time around - she'll be here! And although I do not rant about her antics on this blog like I use to, I still have work to do. I will appreciate her. I will accept that she might be a little wonky but tries to be sweet and kind. I will acknowledge that she only means the best. I will not harp on the fact that she ...... nope, not going to say it, and I am going to try like heck not to think it.

All right, Game On!

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Colin and Jess said...

Game on. :)

I love fun ways to meet goals. Spending, er, not spending in excess is often difficult. Good luck!