Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Countdowns

For the last two weeks I have finally been on a real diet. No craziness, just 1750 calories a day and exercise, and low and behold I lost five real pounds. Because lets face it I could eat only meat and cheese and loose five pounds in a day only to gain seven the next day because I added a glass of milk. Anyway real pounds gone. This got me thinking; this is the first time in about three years that I haven't been dieting to get ready for IVF. I am not trying to get pregnant. That means I can run until I am blue in the face if I want. I want. That means I don't have to stop as soon as I reach 185, which I always do because then it would seem to be time for another cycle. Go ahead GASP at the number now. It is no secret that I am not a Skinny Minnie. But maybe I can be? This should be interesting. The countdown begins. For now of course the goal is my pre-IVF cycle weights which is the gasping 185. Interesting idea that I do not have to stop there. 

As you may or may not know, but certainly should know, the newest season of Biggest Looser is on. The show is always so darn inspiring until I hear that they are running marathons and working out 15 hours a day; then reality sets in that I am in no way willing to do that. Hmm, maybe that show is a little counter productive. Who cares? After all, I normally watch it while riding my stationary bike. 

In other countdown frenzy news the debt ceiling is crazy but still on track. Get this, I have actually been able in the last 30 days to balance my checking account. People, this has NEVER happened. Ever since on-line banking took over I sugar coated the notion of balanced books by accepting the fact that the bank does it for me. (I have an accounting degree! Insert another gasp!) So imagine my surprise that our accounts are exactly what I think they are to the penny. Imagine me, Jamie W knows what the balances are and what has cleared and what hasn't. I am confident our plan will work if we keep this going. 

And in non-relate go-me mews: My mother said yesterday "oh I got my first Christmas present in the mail yesterday." To which I replied "you mean you ordered something for someone already?" and her nonchalant reply "Yup a dress for your sisters doll." I could go on with the details of this one but just think about that. It is the first week in October, so the shopping was done in September, and my sister is 33. ????? I love my mother and told her so. I am not shopping early this year. You've heard it here. I am not shopping early this year, nor am I going black Friday shopping, nor am I ordering anything on Cyber Monday. This year I am simply going to wait and see. Last year Wal-mart tried to kill me. You can read about it HERE. I post this one to Facebook whenever someone complains about the place. Craziness. I don't want to over spend so we are just going to wait and see what we really can afford before we purchase every Lego set for C and un-needed nick-knacks for the family. The stores however have different ideas. Way different. More on that later. 

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