Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Emotional Eating & Hoarding

It appears we are worse than I originally thought. This weekend the husband and I cleaned the back shed. Good God there was a lot of crap back there. The items found including a swimming pool pump, we got rid of the pool last year, and a cover for the pool. Then there were piles of lawn care products (most expired) and lots and lots of sports equipment. So much sports stuff that we were able to sell some of it to a sports store later.

Among other disastrous things were totes of maternity clothes that I never got to wear, an old highchair, a changing table, and multiple other baby / toddler related stuff. Insert instant bad mood once the maternity clothes were found. Realize too that the this was totally missed by my husbands radar. We were pregnant once; you know for that whole 6 weeks, and my friend was so excited that she dropped off all her maternity clothes. Hope for a minute, that's what we had.

If you need me I'll be searching for peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. I'll diet again later.

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Jamie said...

oh boo, that sucks