Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Okay, You Can Call Me That

I am off my rocker. High and low, up and down, an all around Hot Mess. At least I do not lack focus. The big countdown is moving along. Today is payday and as promised the American Express is now paid in full. I called to cancel the card this morning but they won't let me, apparently it is the one and only thing in my husbands name. (How'd that happen?) Next on the list is some random school loan. As reported on multiple occasions on FB 'THEY'RE PAID", well apparently I lie. There is one left for 750 something. Those things just sneak up on you, I swear. Then in crushing big countdown news we totally had to use a credit card in the last month. C had a cavity (257.00!!!!) and S put gas on one by accident. Still we owe less this month than we did last. For some reason my spreadsheet is for the 21st of each month. So I suppose I'll wait until then to calculate, who knows I might manage to pay down a little more before then. We've been selling crap from the shed like hot cakes.

Which leads me to the baby stuff. Seriously my heart aches just thinking about it. To think that it only got used by one little guy and a few babysat tots just seems so ... unplanned. I sold the pack and play yesterday and the only item left to sell is the highchair. Next week is the big city clean up where they'll take all your big items (they do it twice a year) and we are putting out the changing table and a few other random baby items. Well, along with all the crap my husband wouldn't let me pay to have picked up. Still a sore spot! Once the trash picker uppers come all the baby stuff will truly be gone. I just want to feel happiness when I think about that not that we won't be using them again. So; I'll keep the memories not the heartache of what should have been. 

The other countdown is weight related. I lost two pounds last week. I am pretty happy about that but sort of annoyed that it could have been better. Over long weekend we ate like crap. I swear S and I make each other fat. We are such food hoars. But alas we are both counting the calories. He's even been riding the bike every day in the den. Battling the bulge is way harder than admitting you have a credit card problem.


Becca B said...

Keep up the good work, you will get there. I wish I had the determination to pay off debt. I am also guilty of eating like crap latley. Iam also guilty of being on the verge of having my van repoed...long story of not being able to afford it for a long time. But even with that I am happy, go figure. Hugs! Can't wait to talk.

Chickenpig said...

I wish there was a way to get rid of baby stuff without getting maudlin. My friend threw out the swing that I lent her, and I was sad about that. It's been through two babies, mine and hers, did I think it was going to last forever? My 'baby' is a little girl now, but letting the baby stuff go is still hard. I still have her pack n play. I should really sell that thing before the mice get to it. *sigh*

crimsoncovered said...

Debt free can be done! We are debt free as of the first of the year:) Keep at it! The rewards are wonderful!

I have the same problem with baby stuff. I pulled up to the Salvation Army with a Suburban full of stuff to donate. Came to the last little tub that had peek a boo blocks and I put it down and picked it right back up again and it is in the back of my burb again, where it has sat for 7weeks cause last time I went I couldn't just give it without the angst feeling!!!! So, I said all that to say....I feel your pain about parting with things!

Your S.O.B. pic made me laugh. We love that place and stop anytime we are in the area:0