Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food for Thought

We got our annual Catholic staple, the request for more money for the Bishop Fund. This church wants us to use direct deposit and sign up for a year of monthly debits. I suppose it is easier for everyone that way, but it seems a little impersonal. We can also sign up to have our weekly tithe debited too if we wanted, but again - a little impersonal. Although you might say that is because we don't give if we don't go and you'd be right. Hmm maybe I will sign up for the direct gift programs. S always cringes when I want to hand over extra cash. I gave an extra twenty on Christmas and I thought he was going to faint. I had a thought of rushing around trying to find a paper bag for him to breath into to. He is all for donating but has his limits.

Speaking of the hubby. He is in California and the weather is so bad that his partner and him decided to leave Santa Maria and drive to L.A. to avoid one leg of a flight tomorrow. He called from the road and said people just don't know what to do when it rains there. Which reminded me of a really funny happening there. In the fall one year when we lived in Lompoc at Vandenberg AFB, we bought a new Ford Explorer almost a year later I was driving and actaully had to pull over the vehicle because I had really never the wipers and it was raining! I couldn't find the darn button / switch. It rained so infrequently there that normally we just stayed in if it rained. Even then it normally only rained for a week or so in February.

I talked to C tonight about his schooling. We had snuggled up in our room and were reading a book. I noticed he was quicker to identify words and was quite pleased. When we were done I asked him some specific questions about school. Boy did the flood gates open. I was trying to be objective and still kind and loving towards him and his teacher during the conversation. Basically what I got out of it is this: C fakes it, he pretends to do some of his work so he can play. He doesn't like the rules of math station and doesn't think it is fair that you cannot play with the blocks. He gets upset over it and cannot concentrate. He doesn't think he has to be there and the whole world is there for his entertainment. His teacher lets him get away with a little more than she allows other students (I have a meeting with her soon - I hope she isn't too overwhelmed). And lastly, while he is making progress in some areas he is loosing ground in others. The class doesn't seem to stay on a topic long enough for him.

This last part is of major concern. For one, I worry that he just isn't quick enough on the uptake and all the tutoring in the world might not change that. And two; he sees this as great because then he just doesn't have to do it anymore. He is elated that they aren't counting change anymore or doing time. He was ecstatic that he doesn't have to remember last weeks history lesson or even practice skip counting anymore. This meeting cannot come soon enough.


I hope life can only get better said...

Sounds like my D. He is so smart but does not want to put the effort in, he would rather just play/go by his own agenda. Which makes it harder for us as parents because we have to stay on top of them and keep them on track. His homework is a hour long session of stay here and slow down! Sounds like he needs to be puled out for math/reading in a small group setting, here they call it partial inclusion,where they work at his pace and stay on a subject until he gets it. That is the program D is in. We will talk!

Jamie said...

It's so hard with boys! They're BOYS and so they just want to play and not sit still for long! BUT they also need a good balance to do their school work and to retain it. I guess maybe just hmm...I struggle w/my boys too. It's amazing though, when you think they're NOT listening but then later they surprise you by knowing something, kwim? I didn't know how J would do in 2nd grade this year, but he has done great! So while it's important for them to learn and remember and all, they WILL get it! Hang in there girl!