Saturday, January 30, 2010


Found a babysitter for Monday. Actually I fished for one. The girl who invited me to the book club - I asked her if she knew anyone and she said she'd ask her husband to watch C. She even invited me over for dinner. Too nice, or just lucky me?

Tuesday I think I can drop C off at the daycare in the community center. It ends at nine, so I'll miss fifteen minutes of my class, but it is better than paying a sitter ten bucks an hour.

Next month we get to do it again. S will be in California the first week in March too. After that it is training in Alabama. Good Times

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Kim said...

That was so nice of that lady's husband to help you out. Jess just found out he's going to NCO academy JUne 3 -july 14. IS that what S is going too?