Monday, January 18, 2010

A Fast Read

I finished Shutter Island yesterday. I bought it in the airport on the way to Vegas on the recommendation of my book club and my sister. Now I cannot wait to see the movie. It was a really good book. As in normal suspense nomenclature there are a few twist at the end. One of which I detected the other of which I did not and had to reread a few pages at the end because I was dumbfounded. Really good book. Next I am on to Hunger Games as also recommended by a member of the book club, my sister, and a friend. I am on a reading kick lately, cannot get enough. Funny, this from the girl who hated to read most of her teens and twenties.

In other news:

I am having a great hair day.

Scott left for California this morning, with a hurt foot and without his hat thingy for his uniform or his government credit card... dumbass. He isn't really sure how he injured his foot (btw) it just started hurting the first day we were on Vk, he thought maybe because he dropped an iron on it a few weeks prior but isn't sure.

C is on video game overload already. It is 10:41 am.

The dog scared the crap out of a golfer a few minutes ago. It was hilarious. I was in the kitchen pouring a glass of soda when I see this guy come walking up to our fence. He drops his club and begins to hoist himself over our fence! He just about got one leg over when the dog comes taring around the yard from the behind the shed and the guy practically falls backwards as he tries to go back. HA. Moron. Good Dog. Funnier part - the ball wasn't in our yard. I spied it about ten feet out after he left.

My sister is in the hospital. Sad and funny. She feels like crap and should be going into surgery any moment to have her gallbladder out. Hopefully all goes smoothly there. The funny part. Her and I are always joking that at a family party, or any kind of get together actually, someone is going to tell their story of the gallbladder removal. My dad's mom, "After my surgery I felt so good we went out to dinner" my father "well, I knew something was up and sure enough I need mine out too" and now my sister "fuck it hurts."


Jamie said...

Huh, never heard of that book. I just read Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah. Very good. Reminds me kinda of the movie Beaches. I love the pics S posted on fb. You look GREAT J! I love your hair like that! So, S had to go all the way back to Cali? Wow, he's a travelin' man! Stinks he forgot so much stuff & his foot hurts! Funny about Maggie! Hope your sister's ok! Miss you! Keep meaning to call & catch up but its so hard w/4 kids!

Kim said...

Yeah for a great hair day. Oh my whats S gonna do w/ out his hat and card? How long is he gone for, can you send it to him some how? O geez, Hope your sister is ok.

I hope life can only get better said...

Prayers and best wishes to your sister. Is your mom staying with her? Or would that be a horror show! How far into the Hunger Games are you? I have two chapters it! I am going to buy the next one, Catching Fire, tomarow, Ever since reading Twilight i have got back into books with a vengence. Maybe because I have time on my hands! LOL