Friday, January 29, 2010

So Get This

I just paid the bills. All of them and we still have money left over. In fact we got extra bills this month like the car registration, the water bill, and a Knights of Columbus one and still - we aren't broke. I wonder what I am missing.

S is off helping a coworker move. The boy with the bum knee... He says the guy just needs help moving small stuff. On a Friday night? Good times.

Book Club is Monday - Zumba Tuesday and our babysitter hasn't returned my email and her cell phone is no longer in service... Headache. I am destine to have a nonexistent social life.

S's mom called today and offered to come visit so I could go to my friends wedding in May. Very sweet but the timing is off. First I thought I'd go to the wedding in Vegas on the 22nd of May. Then S found out he'd be away for some school. Then as soon as I get an offer for babysitting S verifies the dates, he gets home on the 21st. That won't work. I can't leave the day after he has been gone for six weeks. Sorry BR Jones. I feel like shit over that one. I really wanted to see her get married.

M, my sister wants to come visit in the spring while S is away. I hope that works out. I could use a good ski ball challenge.

I spent the day very disorganized. Moving from one task to another with no plan or reasoning. The house is a mess and I am not too sure my store inventory is very orderly either. I feel like I am in a fog of some sort. Can't quite put my finger on it.

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Jamie said...

Hey, I wish I could come visit when S is away! Lord only knows I need a serious vacation! That is totally bummer about missing your friend's wedding! She sure picked a good date...that's the day we got married :) Sweet that your friend's hubby will watch C. It's so hard to find child care, isn't it? Oh and about bills, I just finished doing ours and we also have $ leftover and I paid extra on some bills and had extra bills also. It's the backpay from the 1st of the year plus clothing allowance! Lovin' it! Wish every paycheck was like that!