Friday, January 22, 2010

In Which I am Porked

I am not feeling well today. It started yesterday after eating at Ruby Tuesdays. It wasn't their food. I only had bare chicken and broccoli, but man was I stuffed after. Also I was having some other issues that rendered me dehydrated after awhile and it wasn't puking. Then today I woke up still feeling stuffed and weary.

Once I got C to school I took the dog out. It was cold. Really cold. I bundled up and wore my rain jacket as it was a mixture of rain and sleet. After a mile and a half I was exhausted and just freezing. I went back to bed at 9:30am and read Hunger Games until 10:45. From then on I slept until after 2:00. Unreal. I am not a nap person and only pass out this much when I am sick. I am not sure what is going on. The other issues have subsided and I have plenty of fluids in me, now I am just run down and really cold.

While asleep I was, of course, dreaming a horrid realm of insanity. I tried to use a check at a Red Box and the girl behind me was threatening to kill me - I believed her. Then I lost my husband and son in a McDonald's. The series of dreams just strung together for hours each one working its way into another. At one point I was locked out of my home in the rain because we failed our housing inspection (which we really did - but got fixed the same day by replacing our filter in the furnace) and we were not going to be able to move back in so I was trying to make up the shed as a house from the shed I heard a firetruck and suddenly knew they were coming to my house then I couldn't find the dog and was running around town telling my sob story and trying to return a movie to the red box. There seemed to be a few steps in between that I am missing now - but it was exhausting. I woke up every hour or so and just sort of moaned and went back to sleep - just continuing where I left off. Eventually the mini series ended with me realizing our registration renewal for DC is due and might be overdue.

After making myself eat (gross!) I made my way to the bill pile and found the paper. It is actaully due on the 30th. It was sent to us in November. We have a choice - pay it and pretend we are eligible or S will have to switch his license over to VA and register it here. Either way it is pricey and we totally get screwed because our leave date is 2/11/11 and we pay in two year increments, when we only need the darn thing for a year and 12 days. $230.00 - yuck. At least there is no excise tax here. Still we paid a high premium to register the car in the first place - like 750 dollars high and I don't want to pay that to VA too. Maybe I better check some prices and call the insurance company - they always seem to know what to do. Go USAA. In all fairnees we have have no idea what will happen with our orders here. We could end up staying. S could end up doing his year in Korea or something similar after this and in that case I would stay here. Either way - it isn't a win win.

C is home from school and so excited to play video games. Weekends only is working like a charm. I love it. I think I am going to take advantage of the time and go take a shower. Then maybe go back to bed. Blahhhhhh.

A few more tidbits. S is volunteering for the National Walk For Life today. In the rain and sleet he is marching in DC and carrying a sign for our church. I am really excited for him. Actually I wish I could have gone but the timing for C just didn't work out then again I am sort of relieved considering the "issues". He also got a call this morning saying he would be going to some sort of school for the USAF in March. It use to be held in Mississippi and is now in Alabama - he isn't too excited about that. I am not too excited about him being gone for six weeks plus two weeks on and off in Feb for TDY - not to mention that he just got home Thursday from California. I know, I know - I have friends whose husband is gone six to twelve months at a time, I am small potatoes. Potatoes - barf! Man the thought of food is making me queasy..... I think the issue is returning - better run.... or runs as the case may be.


I hope life can only get better said...

That is how I have been feeling everytime I put food in my mouth the last two weeks. I have been atributing it to stress, but who knows. I have got to the point I dread eating, because I am right in the bathroom. (TMI I know)

Jamie said...

Hope you're feeling better by now! Was great talking the other day! Too bad our guys' time away didn't coincide so they could see each other!