Sunday, January 10, 2010


It is apparent that I am idiot. This is not to say I have neglected to learn essential life lessons or basic kindergarten fare, it means that I am a moron of my own doing. For example, today I lost the sugar. I couldn't find it anywhere. Eventually after I had given up and used Equal in my coffee I found the darn bottle on the window sill.

In other idiot news: We have a mouse in the house. Everyone does around here but I swear it make us feel so dirty and gross. Anyway last week or the week before sometime when I was sweeping I found the evidence. I swept everything up and cleaned a little more thoroughly. I figured it was the first real snow and they critter just came in because of the snow. A week or two goes by and I see no new mice droppings and I forget about it. That is until the other night when I was watching TV and could hear a critter in the wall behind the paneling downstairs. It was so loud and creepy I just went to bed. I went to bed without doing the dishes and in the morning there was mouse crap all over the counter and in the plates. Drives me crazy that my husband doesn't' put dirty dishes in the sink - but still can't blame this one on him, I said "leave them, I'll get them later." So yesterday I had to clean up from a mouse yet again. I power cleaned the kitchen and made sure every nook and cranny was addressed. Under the counter I found two small little holes and plugged them up with steel wool. So hopefully that was the entry point... for now I will just hope the critter doesn't make an appearance when my mother and aunt are here. Anyway -this would be how I lost the sugar.

More idiot news: Yesterday I put together a collage of pictures that go into a really pretty frame my aunt got us for Christmas. I meant to print out eight 4x6 pictures but instead printed out those eight plus a few 8x10's because I kept forgetting to change the size on the printer pop up before hitting print. What the heck and I going to do with an 8x10 of S, C, and I standing outside Camden Yards. When you blow the picture up that big you can see about 100 people in the back ground that we don't know and their bald spots.

One more idiocy: I hurt my pointer finger on my desk. I have done this before, but this time I think it is infected. When I opened the drawer my fingernail slipped behind the little metal plaque detail of the handle. It is brass and old and apparently very germy and now my finger is swollen and basically it is a big boo boo.

An obviously none of this matters because I am off to Vegas. We leave in the morning and I cannot wait. I am already packed. Just have a few chores to do around here before the troops arrive. Life is good my friends.


Kim said...

First how funny you couldnt find what you did w/ your sugar. Things always show up when you dont need them anymore. Second,Yikes more mice. Those critters find one way or the other to get in your house. Hope they're gone for good. Have a blast in Vegas and be safe. Cant wait to hear and see pics of how it went

I hope life can only get better said...

Can't wait to hear about the Vegas trip and see all the pics! Mice make me crazy also....I have bleached whole rooms just because of one little sign of evidence. Thankfully now that I have a cat I never see a sign of them. Plugging up all the holes works too. I will miss all your funny stories the next week or to:)

Jamie said...

Ewww you know mice & I do not mix. I would be flipping out and moving home! haha, but then again they've had mice there before too! I don't know what's worse, mice or roaches. Both sick me out! I hope you had a good trip and can't wait to hear about it! Oh and about your finger, I always do dumb things like that severly hurting my toe while putting on my underwear! HOW does that happen!?!