Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Over Yet

Today has been really busy. Which I suppose isn't really the worst thing ever, as last week I did nothing but catch up on Days of our lives, eat, and read. (man, last week was AWESOME!)

I had the meeting with C's school this morning. They have agreed, again (?) to test him. Realistically he won't receive services until next September. I was given the evil eye when I suggested he stay back. Apparently I am not PC enough. Whatever, the poor kid is having the hardest time both academically and socially. It is my job to be his advocate. Weather he needs to be retained in grade one or not will be decided at the end of the year - I just wanted to know a ball park kind of figure. They are so weird, this might be because it was about 85 in there - I was so stinking hot! LOL.

After that I met up with my friend A for lunch. It was really nice. We met up at Ruby Tuesdays, even though I had just eaten there last week. Still, we found one in between us. It was only 13 miles from me, but it took 40 minutes. I could have gotten all the way to Alexandria on the highway in that time - but oh well, so worth it. We had a great time and her children were delightful and funny. I am so going to miss them!

Since the luncheon I have been filling my store back up. Man did I let it run dry for VK. Now it seems like so much work. My pile is never ending. I suppose that is a good thing. Tomorrow the Goodwill near us is having a 25% off day. I will probable go over there in the morning and see if I can get anything else. I did score a great set of Waverly curtains at the other junk store yesterday I only paid 5.00 for the set and they normally sell for about twenty used. I put them in my store, but priced them high - I might stick them on Craigslist.com too.

Anyone interested can check it out:

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Jamie said...

Did they come up w/a date to test C? I hope that you'll get some sort of answers. Oh, btw I am going to pick up Shutter Island from the library today :) As soon as I'm done w/my book I was telling you about (hopefully I'll finish it this weekend w/Z gone) I'm mailin' it to you!