Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The M's Go To VA

So, they are gone. I had three extra kids for a week and now it feels so quiet here. :P) We have so many funny stories: like E trying to pick up or dog, who weighs more than her, and getting hit near the eye with Maggie's tooth - E got a black eye. A had a match a few days later when she kneed her self in the eye. Yes, she kneed her own eye. CM was a pain, he's 13 and thinks he is too cool for everything - but when no one is looking he can still be a kid again, like when he played cops and robbers with the littler ones - and it was all his idea. My C loved it all, every minute of every day. We all had fun. Trips all over the place including the DC Zoo, The Air & Space museum, the movies, mini golf, water park, and a concert in the park downtown. The M's are hilarious. The one liners are never ending. It was so cool to see them in action. It was also really cool to see then in action with their mom as they drove out of my grandparents driveway...

At the moment I have a quiet house. C is at skate boarding camp. He is loving it. Yesterday was the first day and he wasn't all that excited about it, but as he was getting ready he started to get into it. When I dropped him off he was like "well mom, see you later, I know the guys over there, so you know don't kiss me." Too funny. Then I picked him up later and he actaully rode his board over to me! When I dropped him off he couldn't even stand on the thing! I was super impressed.

Actually C has been really agreeable lately. Three straight weeks of VK served him well I suppose. He's even been going to Taekwondo do with out complaining and actaully doing great.

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Jamie said...

Awww how awesome you had a good time with the cousins' kids! That's great that C is learning skateboarding so well and funny about what he said about not kissing him! Kids!