Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Ham Sandwiches

I should be more productive today, but I am thinking that isn't really going to happen.

I pissed of a guy named Brent today and am feeling a little bad about that. The story is pretty dull; but I will enlighten my readers with it anyway. Actually I could go quite into detail ...

Once upon a time Jamie wasn't all that in love with her in-laws. In fact she was down right ticked off at them and vowed to stop complaining and even spending an ounce of effort on them. And she actaully did quite a good job at this. Then something happened: They started being nice and stopped being negative and down right mean. I also started ignoring the majority of their behavior. (I have enough self confidence to take my credit in the situation :P) ) So, here we are months later and another something happens. We get screwed by the USAF and out of kindness and no ill will the in-laws help us fix it, with cash, lots of it. And then when we try to give it back to them, they say "Keep it, you need it, buy your self a couch and put the rest in C's college fund." and they meant it.

... Just a side note, the USAF didn't totally screw us, all parties involved made mistakes that ended up delaying a huge payment of over three grand to S's government card. The minimum payment was half of that and if we withdrew our money from our savings account to pay for it we would have had to cancel our trip to Florida and Pennsylvania. S told his parents we were thinking of canceling the Florida trip and they basically told him we'd worked hard for that money and would like to lend us the 1500 bucks until the USAF pays us back. We accepted. Me with a chip on my shoulder (bad Jamie). Being proved wrong, as I thought for sure that it would be a problem later on, especially since we have been vacationing ALL summer, has never been so sweet.

So moving on: I bought our couch used in Minot for 35.00. The person I bought it from asked if her husband could deliver it the day they move out (like a week later) and I agreed. The husband worked for a furniture store and said he'd bring it over after his delivery on base. A week later when they arrived they delivered a similar couch but it was all wrapped in plastic. And it had a tag on it. New. I called the store right away to tell them but they insisted that wouldn't happen. I went back to the house I bought it at but they'd already moved. Almost ten year later and the couch is gross. It is ripped on the side of two cushions, it is missing a leg, and it sort of smells. So we are on the search for a new one.

We've been to a few stores but haven't found anything. All the couches look alike. Brown and expensive. Yesterday I was browsing on Craig's List and found one that looked really nice. I arranged to take a look at it today at 11:00. (this is where I get back to pissing Brent off) So I get to this house with C, who was wearing a nija costume, at this house at 10:50. I called first and got voice mail. So I knock, it was pouring rain, a cute puppy starts barking in the window, and we wait. Nada. So we ring the bell. The dog goes crazy again and we wait. Nada. So we leave.

Once I get home I check my email to see if I missed a reschedule. Nope, the guy is home but his phone is dead. (no word on weather he is deaf or not) So I email him and write :


Looks like we missed each other. Cute dog, by the way.

But really, after I remeasured our rooms it looks like unless we could reconfigure the sofa it would block our entire fireplace.

Thanks anyway,

Then he writes back:

When did you come? I have been sitting here waiting for like 40 minutes, I had a bunch of other people that wanted to come then but I told them you were coming. The dog in the window is a dog we are dog sitting and has never touched the couch.

Okay, really I could cut and paste the entire banter but basically he thought I was being sarcastic about the dog so I emailed back assuring him we love dogs and we really just missed each other. But in the end I just deleted him because he seemed pissed. Oh well, the search continues.

BTW: Lunch ='s ham sandwiches, and they are delectable.


I hope life can only get better said...

Guy sounds like a dick...I got my couch for 19 at a discount store after I checked two yard sales and a second hand store that kind of grossed me out. The couch we got is new, but was damaged in shipping so we got a steal on it. Sorry you got messed up on Craig's list. I love Cooper's costumes!

Jamie said...

Wow! I'll have to blog my latest Craisglist excitement...I forgot about that :) That was nice of S's parents! Hope you find an awesome couch!