Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Over Zealous

What a freaking day; both good and really annoying. 1st I went out to DC to see my friend T and the triplets. Had an awesome time visiting and seeing the kids have a blast. However, the traffic there was insane and the traffic back even worse.

DC is a nightmare sometimes, zapping the fun out of me. The only solace in the going home traffic was that C and I had just gone to the commissary ( I haven't been to one in months and months) and we had a car full of food to snack on. We opened the chips, the Power-Aid, the fruit snacks, and some mints. The second saving grace is we weren't the ones in the accident. There was a flipped tractor trailer and a smashed mini-van. We heard on the traffic report that there were fatalities. I suppose that was the major point, we weren't the cause, but we did find reprieve in the snacks before we saw the accident, so it isn't as ungodly as it all sounds. Anyway...

Once we got home and starting unloading the car I realized I haven't cleaned out my cupboards in a long, long, long time. They were a mess. Well, they still are. I started cleaning the food cabinet out and realized that job sucks. Granted at some point I'll have to finish it because as it stands right now one cabinet is spotless but the crap that was in it is all over the table and the counter.

In other news: I've had IVF on the brain lately. I so badly want to go back to work but at the same time I am wondering if it might be time to give it another go? Obviously the last round screwed me up, and is still swirling around in unnatural ways in my brain, but it doesn't make me want to crawl under the covers and suck my thumb until my mommy calls anymore. Maybe if I go back to work, I'll have better insurance??? IDK, it is all so expensive and we're still paying for last years rounds. In fact I almost fainted when I added our two credit cards together. Mind you I can tell you how every dollar got onto them, but when you add it up, holy shit! Let's just say - S doesn't make that much in a year. Seriously. Student Loans, IVF, two car repairs, one dermatologist visit, 6 cavities and one crown in two years, and boom a black whole. Yup, still thinking of IVF - surprisingly the money isn't really scaring me - it is more like a hurdle.

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