Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chain of Events

Is it normal to do spring cleaning at the end of summer? Well; if I have to ask, probably not. Besides, I already did spring cleaning; it is just that the house got a little grungy with all the company and I got a little lazy, cutting corners so I could enjoy the summer heat. And now, I have a list:

  1. Organize Kitchen Cabinets
  2. Mop behind the fridge and stove (so nasty!)
  3. Organize Maggie's food and toys
  4. Steam Clean the Carpets
  5. Pick up and reorganize the Office
  6. Change the sheets in the guest room
  7. Dust the light fixtures
  8. Mop the base boards
  9. Wax living room & Dining room floors
  10. Clean the bathrooms

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