Friday, August 20, 2010

I love My House

Nice & Clean.

I wish we could take this house with us when we move next time. I sort of love it. I remember when we looked at it and thought it was so small; we couldn't picture where our furniture would fit or how we'd set up the computer, C's toys, or anything for that matter. But a year later we are comfortably basking in the fact that we make 500 dollars a month extra and that that was more than enough to pay the utilities and the cable all year. In fact according my my spread sheet (such a geek) we actaully made just under 1600.00 in 12 months. So the USAF paid us to live off base and gave us cable. Plus, the house is bigger than we thought, we basically have three living rooms, two small bedrooms and one large, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and two bathrooms; all with a great layout.

Speaking of cable... I ordered Fios the other day. Our cable bill from Cox came last week and I noticed our amount went up by 80.00! WOW, that made the bill 220.00! I wasn't really upset, it was obvious that our promotional rates all expired, so I called the company and canceled all the premium channels, lowered the internet speed, nixed the HD, and still the bill was 178.00. I told the girl that was way too much and asked if there was anything else she could offer. (this is where it gets good)

Cable Girl: "Let me see" (extreme amounts of typing heard and long pause) "Mrs W, yes, I can offer you the same package for a two year agreement at your old rate."

Me: "My original package or the one you just created with no extras?"

Cable Girl: "The new one."

Me: "So, you mean I have to agree to carry Cox for two years for that price and if I don't, what there is a cancellation fee?"

Cable Girl: "Well, military just has to submit orders to get out of the fee"

Me: "Yeah, sounds like extortion to me"

Cable Girl: "I am sorry, what?"

Me: "Extortion"

Cable Girl: "Great, so hold on the line and I will have a supervisor witness the agreement and we will lower your bill to your old rate."

Me: "No, extortion is a bad thing."

Cable Girl: "Huh?"

Me: "No new agreement, please lower my bill to the new package you just created and I will call Verizon when we hang up."

Cable Girl: "Great, so thanks for Calling Cox cable, is there anything else I can help you with?"

Me: "Am I talking to an automated voice system?"

Cable Girl: "I can switch you over to the phone tree if you'd like to access those services"

I hung up.


I hope life can only get better said... like the cable companies! I need a laugh, and she didn't know what extortion was. Priceless. No wonder they talk about the dumb down of Americia. And I love your house too, it's perfect for you guys and so cute. wish I could find it's clone here. Now I need to find the motivation to get off my butt and organize my tupperwear closet, every time open the door everything falls out!

Jamie said...

LOL I am cracking up at that convo!!!!

Kim said...

Great you love your house. I know when we moved in we thought what are we gonna do w/ no basement. We have too much stuff. Its pretty surprising but you learn to do w/ what you got and it actually works out. Oh boy I cant believe that cable