Monday, August 30, 2010

Vacation Days

Wow, this summer has flown by. A brief run-down;

1. Gymnastics camp for C (2 weeks)
2. Camping at Salomon's Island for the fourth of July
3. Vacation with the S's to the Poconos. (I loved it there)
4. A trip to MA for the week (C went to beach for a week with his cousins)
5. The cousins visited us for a week
6. Skateboarding camp (1 week for C)
7. Friends visited us for a week (Super fun)
8. My parents visited us for week (With in that week we went to Beach for a few days)
9. Camping next weekend for Labor Day (we're working on that)

Crazy and wicked fun. Last week my parents drove down from MA to stay for the week. It was a really nice visit. We went to Salomon's for a few days, went to the waterfall park, visited the skyline caverns (really nice tour), went out for a celebration anniversary dinner (my parents 39th) at a Japanese Steak House, and played a lot of golf. It was so fun and as usual bittersweet to see them leave.

C starts school next week. I think I am going to take him out tomorrow or Wednesday and buy a few school clothes for him. So far all we've picked up is one pair of warm sweat pants and a matching shirt for gym days. It is hard to think warm when the temp is 95. However I did manage to get all of his school list crap. When I say crap, I am being nice. The list is quite detailed and quite ridiculous. Clorox wipes, zip lock bags, 20 glue sticks, 8 boxes of 48 count crayons (never did find those, just bought 16, 24 counts), and so on and so one. But at least this year I was able to get all the stuff. Last year we shopped to late and I couldn't find half the stuff on the darn list. In the end the list cost 25.00. I am sending his same pencil box from last year, rulers that were free from a base event last year, a used binder, and notebooks we already had; at least I saved a few dollars there. Oh well - the life of a soccer mom... minus the soccer.

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Kim said...

ITs so fun having all that fun during summer isnt it? Too bad all that fun makes it go by too fast. School list can be ridiculous. 20 glue sticks and 8 boxes of crayons, What the heck are they doing w/ that many.