Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have a lot of details I've been forgetting to write about; Obviously I am way too important and busy. HA. Seriously though, I don't really want to forget it all. I like the details of vacations, visitors, and the daily grind. For example, today I fell in exercise class, while standing still. Just a little stumble, but really pretty funny. Also during the same class I managed to kick the instructors balance ball, count out leg lifts as "1,2,3,6, I mean 8, oh wait, what?", and I realized by deodorant really wasn't working. But I digress my point: I've had a lot to say but haven't been able to.

T & B's visit. We had fun. At night the grown ups stayed up playing Uno. It was pretty funny to see all of us getting so into such a simple game. B and I lost terribly. Still, the great Uno Challenge of 2010 was awesome. Besides being dorks, we also went to see the usual sights and touristy stuff in the area. The kids (they have two boys) all seemed to get along fairly well. C wasn't all that enamored with the pair of them. However, he loved each boy on their own, too much sibling rivalry for his taste. It was cute to see C and D (the youngest boy) get dressed up in costumes and run around for hours playing battle. It was also super cute to see C and CB (their oldest son) curled up on the sofa watching TV together. It was sweet seeing our kids play. It was also bittersweet when they left.

I wished they could have stayed an extra day or two. However, it was nice to have my family to myself again. :) I also proved my theory that after you spend a significant amount of time with another family you really, really appreciate your own. For example, every time we got in the car their was a problem; either someone didn't want to sit in the way back or someone was starving, even though I offered them all snacks just before we left. Nothing to get my panties in a bunch over, really, I can just block out all that stuff, I just noticed the nice calm quiet about it all the next day :) Our friends have a rough road to travel, having one son who has some special needs. It creates a cycle of doing anything just to keep the peace. They do the best they can with what they got; my heart goes out to them.

On the brighter side here are some funny things I overheard during the visit

D: "Cooper you need to just leave"
C: "I like sorta live here."
D: "Well I am not going anywhere in your mom's car!"
C: "Okay, want to play outside?"
D: "I miss Sophie" (that is his 4H cow who is the cutest thing I ever saw and D is sooooo cute when he talks about her)
C: "Me too. Want to play Lego's?"
D: "Sophie is mine!"
C: "Well, I'll be playing Lego's"

I don't think the boys were having the same conversation there. Here is another between CB and D their two sons.

CB: "Cooper is watching stupid music videos."
D: "I like them"
CB: "Mom doesn't want us to watch them."
D: "We're not"
CB: "They are on TV and I am going to tell her to ground you for life because you like them"
Me: "Coop, just change the channel"
D: "I am going to go wake up Daddy and tell him you are going to tell Mom on me, Sissy"

D calls CB sissy as if it is his name. It is so wrong that I find that hilarious. I giggle just about every time, especially when CB got upset over it. Mean, Jamie. A few more that I found funny:

CB was sort of pouting one morning and I asked him what was wrong. He said "Well, Maggie looked at me and now won't leave me alone." The dog was sleeping at his feet ....

C was stuck on the swing set. He tried to climb around the outside and got freaked. "Life isn't fair, I want to do all the cool things D can do." Crying and sniffiling. B ( the mommy) is right behind me and says "Now, that is one I haven't heard before." Wicked funny.

D had an afternoon shower after a small mishap. His mom and I were talking about something totally different when he came out and said "Did you tell Jamie!?!?!?" His mom said no and we kept our conversation going and I hear D say "You better not tell her women" under his breath of course. Kids crack me up. He no doubt got that line from C who thinks calling me women is the funniest thing on the planet.

Between CB and T (the dad): "you should just ground D, why don't you ever ground him?!" T: "If we did that we'd never see D." AHAHHAHAHAHAH

A few other details I keep forgetting about:
  • I went to a funeral a few weeks ago. My Uncle Ed died after a long battle. I was in Jersey dropping off my cousins and was able to stay for the funeral. It was more like a memorial luncheon, very sweet, and very calm. A few tears but mostly just a lot of good memories being shared.
  • My parents are coming to visit next week and we are going to Solomon's Island for a few days. (super excited, although S won't be there)
  • S is in Denver this week for work, next week he'll be in Baltimore
  • I am actively looking for a full time job ... it is a slow go.
  • I am reading the Kite Runner - interrupted the Dead Lie Down - but both are so good.

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I hope life can only get better said...

So funny and so true!!! Now they are outside trying to sell golf balls.....VA golf balls I might add. I am here inside watching them amd also looking for a job. Ahhhhhh wish I was back on vacation