Friday, December 3, 2010


I picked S up at the airport today and then drove him directly to work: he sure is busy these days.

I feel for him. He was up at quarter to six Denver time, quarter to four our time, to go to the airport. Then as soon as he's here he had to go into work. (There is some typical office drama there) Later he is going to call us to come pick him up, hopefully it isn't too late because C has scouts and kids night out tonight. First Friday of every month; C goes to the community center and S and I head out to the movies. I know Joe wants to do it all. He'll insist we go out, insist that C goes to his night out too; after all it makes him feel even worse if we blatantly sacrifice.

What's a wife to do? Well, I figure we could stay home and rent a movie; maybe just hang out and play cards after we sneak out for just desert. What ever it turns out to be I hope we enjoy each other. Sometimes Joe gets a case of the crankies (who can blame him after all that flying and working long hours) and I get a case of the "suck it up moron's". One can only portray complete perfection so long. (ha, ha)

I hope we have a good weekend; he travels next week and the week after that too. To top it off we won't even see him next weekend. (by choice) S flies home on Saturday, next week, but C and I will be in Williamsburg enjoying a mini VK with my friend T and her triplets. We get home Sunday and S flies out to another work destination. I am so excited that he has time off over Christmas. I know I need it; he must need it ten fold.


Becca said...

Oh man! So busy, it sucks. Glad you guys will have christmas together. Have fun in Williamsburg! I keep forgetting to ask you how C likes scouts. I so need to call you!

Jamie said...

Geez- thats tons of flying and being gone!!! Hope you have lots of time to spend together over Christmas!!

Kim said...

Wow that would get so old so quick. I would hate it if my husband had to leave that much. I feel for you. I know S probably hates leaving you guys just as much