Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hi ho Hi ho It's Off to the ER We Go!


So, all week I'd felt blah. I had a headache and couldn't really stay motivated. Plus everything seemed like it was the worst ever and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. At first I thought I had food poisoning from Chinese food, but then started to feel a little better, then my friend T said one of her kids was sick with the same symptoms and since we were just at the water park with them I thought maybe we all had the same thing. However her little ones were throwing up, and I never did - in fact I just kept thinking if I could that would be a relief. I was such a jumbled mess that I opted to just equate it to my period. Seriously, I just thought I was hormonal or something. But, the headache was getting worse.

Yesterday morning I took Maggie to the groomers and met S for breakfast. After breakfast he went to pick up C at church and I headed over to Kmart to do a little shopping. But things turned for the worse. My headache went from annoying and throbbing to the worst pain ever and I couldn't even drive home at first. I sat in my car just praying I could see straight. After about twenty minutes I was able to get home (less than a mile away). S took me to the ER right away.

I had a CT and a spinal tap done. Everything was negative. The good news: it isn't my gall bladder, which I was afraid it was. The bad news: The doc really has no idea what it is. I was sent home with three RX's. One for Oxy / Percocet, one for pepcid, and one for some type of anti nausea medicine. It all seems to work, a little. But the headache is so intense that the meds just take the edge off. Actually every time the medicine starts to wear off the headache feels worse, which I didn't think was possible. Tears, lots of them.

Church is in eighteen minutes. I don't think I am making it. Kinda of bummed there, I kept hoping I'd be able to move by now. About two hours ago I had S bring me the computer. I have to keep taking breaks just to post this and a blurb on FB. I think I am going to have to just call the weekend a wash and hope I feel better soon. The MD said if I didn't feel better to return to the ER. I am hoping I can wait until tomorrow to see my regular doc.

Please note: I am as high as a kite, spelling, continuity, and making sense aren't exactly my strong points. Just wanted to post for myself - posterity I suppose.

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Becca said...

Amazing that your spelling and train of thought were very good! But, I am worried about you my friend. Make sure you call your doctor even if you think you are feeling better. Please keep me updated. Luv ya and thinking of you