Saturday, December 4, 2010


I Heart Shopping. It was certainly the best part of my day, so far. We're putting up the tree later - so that sounds promising. But this afternoon was rough, ended up sleeping for most of it - but here's to a better evening!

This morning I went to Khol's and got a ton of stuff; a blazer, a jacket, skinny jeans, two tank tops, one sweater, a pocket book, a skirt, matching scarf, hat, and gloves, plus one really nice blouse for 130.00. I am saving the clothes for Christmas VK; Although I just put on the jeans one tank and a sweater, plus the best boots ever. (the reason for the skinny jeans) S probably wont care too much, but since I spent our money I figured I'd at least show him what I bought :D)


I hope life can only get better said...

I just bought myself some awesome clothes at Kohl's also!!! Sweater, two pairs of jeans, cute T, and some clothes for C for Christmas. Got a cute outfit for our family Christmass party tomarow. I love Kohls!!

Jamie said...

What's w/everyone and skinny jeans!?!? I should go to the store and at least try some on...though it'll be some time before I can fit into them! Sounds like a great shopping trip! I <3 Kohl's!