Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Our Luck??

I perhaps am to upset at the moment to be rational about this; but for crying out loud!

Boy Scouts stinks. I am just going to put it out there. Since September it has been popcorn, popcorn, popcorn. Since September my son has not really had any Tiger Cub meetings - they've all been lodge meetings while they try to find a leader. Tonight we were suppose to have a meeting and we get there to the HOA club house (an HOA that we are not a part of) and there isn't even a light on. No one was there.

There are no phone numbers on any emails of these 'leaders', there are no address to the "club house", and there is no freaking information for anything related to anything other than popcorn! My kid is upset. He is really upset. He worked so hard with daddy to get his first badge and he was excited to tell the "leader" he was finished.

I was the calm mommy; hypothesizing that maybe I messed up the day or confused the information. We ooooo'd and awed over the Christmas Light Displays and just made the best of a ride around this well off neighborhood. But once we were quiet I heard C crying. So here we are; home; I checked the email; I made no mistake that I can tell, unless there is more than one club house or something. But I was able to go on S's email and see that there is a pack meeting on the 20th, so I emailed the people asked to be added to the email list and if the meeting was canceled or if I had the wrong address. I told C about the "real" meeting date and he seems fine now.

So unfair that S isn't home. I am so annoyed.


Becca said...

Man. First of all this Pack is not well run. If there are no leaders assigned for the den the district commisinor needs to step up and direct the pack. There are resources for them. And popcorn should not be the focus. I hate the popcorn, because as a Cubmaster (I lead the whole pack) and a Den Leader for D I feel the popcorn has taken too much of my time from other stuff. I have never pushed the popcorn with my cubs. But the sad fact is a lot do because it is their major sanctioned fundraiser. And the BSA tends to get pushy with their money. And I think our pack has gotten screwed on the commsision. I hate to hear that C is having a bad experience with Scouts. It can be such a wonderful, positive thing. It gets me mad when they don't run the units as they should. Maybe the ditricts are run differant down there, don't know. Sorry to go on. I wish C was in my Scout Pack.

Kim said...

That so stinks poor C. It really stinks as a parent to put all that money time and effort into scouts and they dont even meet or communicate w/ the parents very well. I would of been so mad if that was me to go all the way there and no one show.