Sunday, December 5, 2010


Dear Virginia Department of Transportation,

It occurs to me that no matter what you do you cannot make anyone happy. It has not gone past me that you don't try, either.

For two years I sat in traffic for up to two hours everyday to go nine miles to get home after work. When we moved our traffic problems seemed to subside and we blissfully enjoyed our ignorant view of commuters, SUCKERS. And then it dawned on me; I still plan my days around your crappy construction and horrid merge ideas.

Case in point: See multiple postings here referring to DC traffic killing my day. Also note that Thanksgiving week traffic from NOVA to DC was so bad that we had to pull off and get on the train! Then on the way home we figured it was midnight so the ride would be smooth. We were so wrong. After a forty minute train ride we sat in a twenty five minute back up on 495 N. Once the traffic dispersed we both were elated and figured we'd be home in twenty minutes, tops. Then we got to our exit... OUR EXIT THAT WAS CLOSED! The traffic going southbound was completely stopped and people were out of their cars, so turning around, following the detour was not an option. In fact because of that back up our side was starting to pile up too. We ended up taking Georgetown Pike to get back to Herndon.

I might have to learn to be a hermit.

Annoyed in Northern VA

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Kim said...

My goodnes Im so glad I dont live there...lo That would get on my nerves sitting in traffic so long. I would hate to go anywhere just because I know it would take me hours to get from pt. a to pt. b.