Monday, December 13, 2010

Scout Disclaimer

I am floored. I got a three paragraph apology email from the top scouts leader in our area. My email to him was so simple, just a two line, was the meeting canceled? Can you add to your email address? That was it. He emailed me a long winded explanation that there were so many email lists and the cancellation notice didn't go out to everyone. Fair enough, accidents happen. The good part is that he explained that the Tiger cubs just doesn't have that many kids but the next group has so many that they can't really combined it because kids would just get lost in the mix. Unfortunately their line of thinking failed because all the Tiger cubs got lost in the mix as a result. But on a good note they've sent out a schedule for the rest of the school year with actual Tiger Cub meetings, times, dates, addresses, and reall information. So here is hoping the best.


I hope life can only get better said...

Yeah! They regained my profesional scout approval! LOL :)

Kim said...

Well at least they gave you an apology.Hopefully no more mix ups since they gave out future meeting schedules.