Thursday, December 16, 2010

And The Shocker Is ...

I called Grandma L yesterday. We talked just under an hour and I was reminded how blessed I am to have her. She'll be at my parents for Christmas and I am looking forward to that. Although she admitted that she was a little worried because she's been so sad [ missing grandpa ] and she doesn't want to spontaneously burst into tears in front of C. I assured her she does not have to hide her feelings and that I've already talked with C about how this Christmas is bittersweet in so many ways for our family. I think Gram felt a little better in the end and I was glad I got to talk to her.

In general it always surprises me when someone says something sort of old fashioned. While talking to Grandma she mentioned that "a wife cannot interfere with the husband on that matter". I always pictured her as a woman's lib type; afraid not. Imagine that, people surprise you. On this subject I found it quite old fashioned and almost shocking. Wives are important, they do have a say; heck my mother ran the whole ship - or so it seemed, well maybe she was just louder; but always my parents were side by side not one in front of the other. Evolution at it's best?

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