Friday, December 17, 2010

Chaotic Choruses

What a whirl wind of crap. Just to highlight:

  • C is out of control. Seriously, so much so that I am taking him to a therapist on Monday. I could blab about that for 1000 words or better, but I've already talked about it until I'm sick of hearing myself.
  • E's Christmas present, which I ordered on the 13th of November is back ordered. I canceled the order and ordered it from someplace else. It cost more. Errr.
  • The other half of E's gift arrived today, it wasn't complete. I am missing items. When I called the company they determined that the items were delivered to NJ. They can't reorder and get them either here or home to MA by Christmas. The only hope is that who ever got them returns them to the shipper (UPS) today, then maybe there is a chance... but probably not.
  • School was delayed two hours today because of the snow. C was great this morning but then lost it at the bus stop. Throwing snow at another kids face just before the bus got there. As previously determined the child is out of control. I dealt with it as best as possible but I swear steam was coming from my ears as I got home. To calm down I took the dog for a walk. I sprained my ankle. I also forgot Maggie had a vet appointment at the same time. Errr. I rescheduled.
  • I cannot get pictures to load on a digital photo album. There is no software. I cannot figure it out. I am annoyed.
  • My husband called this morning, he is getting bumped from his flight - he'll be home a few hours late. He got 400 dollars worth of free vouchers to use for the airline at another time. He wants to use them on Sunday. Seriously, this Sunday. It isn't all that exciting of story; he is 2000 miles shy of flying 100,000 in a year. If you hit that 100K mark you get all kinds of airline perks. He wants his perks. Sunday - really. Just fly to Atlanta and back? Moron.
  • The computer is running a little sluggish. I filled it with roughly 3000 + songs. Now I cannot erase them. It seems my computer just keeps archiving them and moving them to all kinds of different folders. If I erase them they go into "recently changed" documents, if I erase them from there they go back to the recycle bin, erase them from there and back to "recently changed". It is a cycle of deleting madness.
Is someone playing a joke on me? Seriously it is His birthday season not April Fools! Yah, yah, deep cleansing breaths. Manic day. Manic lows not highs. I suppose you're not technically manic anymore- now it is Bi-Polar. So a bi day?? That sounds good.


Jamie said...

Ugh!!! Wow! I feel like J is out of control too...I seriously am at a loss with this boy. Thankfully Z's off until sometime in Jan. now so I won't have to deal w/him alone...but still. That stinks about the gift...I keep hearing that people are having so many issues w/companies these days- I'm thankful this year we did our shopping locally! I hope your weekend goes well...hang in there, friend. I'm feeling rather dumpy and grumpy these days myself. I have no Christmas spirit at all...I can't even get motivated to clean my house and let me be honest- it is seriously a pig sty.

Becca said...

:( I'll email you

Kim said...

Oh boy sure hope your week gets better. C sounds like just a typical kid. My boys do the same thing ( throwing snow at kids or whatever). I know as a parent and you see your kid doing that just by himself and no other kid we tend to think we have the out of control kid or the worst kid in the block. In reality all the kids are doing it you just dont see them doing it. Wow that is alot of miles. Well for him being gone so much and traveling all those miles I sure hope he does end up getting some good perks.