Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wild Weather

So, who decided it was a good idea to walk the dog during a tornado warning? This girl. I didn't even make it a quarter mile; the wind was pushing me backwards. When I turned around, the wind was pushing me forward. Funniest part: I wasn't the only one!

I drove the neighborhood kiddos to school and on the way back I saw my neighbor walking his schnauzer, Blitz. So I figured it couldn't be that bad. LOL - by the time I got to the stop sign at the end of the street with my pup, he was on his way back too. Normally we crisscross paths a few times in the morning, but not today! We were basically both running with the dogs to get to our homes.


Kim said...

Ha ha thats funny. I hate when its that dang windy

crimsoncovered said...

We used to live in the South and I have faced that quite a few times.
It's crazy!

Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog:)
Looks like you might know Jamie M.

Drop in for a visit anytime - hee hee

Love your blog!
@Life on Last Frontier