Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's A Girl To Do?

last week completely sucked. Whatever - I'm over it.... Almost.

Things that sucked:

1. Work was grueling. The Baby Factory is suppose to be fun and socially awkward - not demanding, nerve racking, and causing panic attacks.  (okay that last part is an exaggeration)

2. S is in California. 

3. Thankfully I am having another mom pick C up in the morning for camp last week and this up coming week. I am already freaking out over his next trip. 

4. I slept on my shoulder weird about four days ago and it still hurts. 

5. Raul the Sexy Beast - aka my car, has a service light on. I just got him serviced and breaks fixed last month. 

6. C's flipping dentist office is impossible to work with. I've called and called and left messages for them to call me at work but every time they return a call it is to the house. It took me a week to make an appointment for a new wax bit for him. I paid for his retainer last month and still don't have it because of this darn issue. So annoying. 

7. C called a girl an Ass Hole at camp after she wouldn't accept his apology for beaming her in the head with a dodge ball. If he gets "written" up again he will be kicked out of camp. But seriously - they still let kids play dodge ball?  Whatever - I wasn't even mad, I probably should have been but I honestly was just annoyed that the situation wasn't managed better, did no one else see the girl get hit? No grown-up could assist this situation? Not that C wasn't wrong - he certainly was, but as I said - I was just annoyed not mad, in the end we just grounded C for a few days for good measure. 

8. Everyday when I pick up C from camp it is a damn mad house. I swear it is like no one is watching. Kids are all bored, misbehaving, and being completely ignored. There are counselors at each "station" but really it is a darn free for all. He isn't going to this one next year. 

9. Back to work. It completely sucks some days. On Friday we had a bad day in the office. An ectopic pregnancy, random folks just walking in thinking they had appointments. Every I that went undotted or T that went uncrossed in the last six months came to light and every women in the office was pissy. It has me seriously considering looking for another job. Really - it is the bad OB's - it is too real. 

10. While thinking I should look else where - I induce serious bouts of anxiety - and I can hear myself screaming inside "NO _ YOU WANT TO BE HERE! YOU WANT TO BE PREGNANT!"

Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream - STAT.

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Becca B said...

hug and a carton of ice cream. I feel like we have not talked in forever girl! I feel your pain and stress. Summer child care is kicking my butt, and everywhere seems to be over priced or under staffed. I think I would have had the same reaction you did with C... not a good choice of words, but dang where were the adults. Hang in there.. I 'm looking for a new job and the whole thing is not fun! Miss ya